Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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  • Safety, quality and speed are most important


    “I'm responsible for the movement
    of all goods within the warehouse,
    so between the departments from
    start to finish.”


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  • People first


    “I place great importance on the
    people in my team. Ultimately
    they're the ones who put in the
    hard work.”


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  • Internal development


    “I'm responsible for the entire logistics
    process: from the moment that we
    receive an order through to when the
    order is delivered to the client.”


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“We deliver and create value. Our customers love our smart solutions. We attract the best
professionals who
grow successfully with our customers. We focus on new markets and emerging
Through rational investments we expand and innovate.”

We deliver best-in-class logistics solutions locally and globally by understanding how critical supply chains are to business success, At Arvato SCM, Supply Chain Management is about more than the classic understanding of the term. It is the journey of each product for our customers whether it's local or global.  We facilitate the journey efficiently and effectively so that what makes your organization unique shines through. We recognize the importance of delivery consistent solutions which respond and comply with industry standards and regulations. Lastly, we help our clients to control costs, while offering greater visibility and transparency by being active in High Tech, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Media and Consumer Goods.  

We offer high security environments at a variety of locations in the Netherlands. We focus on quality, flexibility, productivity and we are doing so by striving to better our services each day. Working at Arvato is working independently and accurately, striving to reach our company goals, doing what you know best and expanding your current skills in the process.  

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