News of Arvato Benelux BV

The latest from Arvato

News of Arvato Benelux BV

The latest from Arvato

Arvato provides customer service for Rituals in 7 languages

17 May 2017

On May 1st our Rituals account went live with teams in Maastricht and at Rituals' head office in Amsterdam. Rituals was already an Arvato client. However, we've now set-up a dedicated Rituals team, which should result in a more custom-made customer experience simular to the customer experiences in the Rituals stores. Arvato will be servicing clients in their native language (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, English and even Swedish). Next to call and email, we will also provide service via social media.

Schiphol celebrates COPC certification

16 May 2017


Arvato’s Schiphol account is celebrating after receiving COPC certification on Monday the 1st of May. The project was audited by COPC on 9th February and was given two ATACs (Actions To Achieve Certification) to fulfil before May 9th.

The Schiphol team had worked hard over the past two months to resolve these action points and prove to COPC that they follow through on their quality goals. For Arvato, it means that another year has passed and we have proved that we maintain a very high standard of quality. It also proves that first and foremost, the interests of these projects are the end-user and with that, satisfying our clients (Schiphol and Informatie Rijksoverheid).
WFM was certified in March after resolving one ATAC, while Informatie Rijksoverheid achieved accreditation after the initial audit in February.
COPC sets the standard for best practice within the customer service industry and accounts must be audited every year to retain their certification.

Our brand new TalentPitch is live

21 Dec 2016


We are proud to announce we have released our brand new TalentPitch. We have completely renewed its design, games and films. Our aim is to provide the best user experience, whatever your device.

TalentPitch right in your pocket
Whether you’re on your couch with your laptop, on the train with your tablet or in your dentist’s waiting room on your phone… You can expect the same seamless experience with any electronic device you’re using.

New games and videos
Thanks to the collaboration of our colleagues, we have renewed the films shown in the TalentPitch. All films were recorded at our location in Venlo.

Be sure to check it out at:

The TalentPitch is an online application tool that will take you about one and a half hour. Next to stating your personal details you make three online calls with customers and do various assignments that belong with these calls. Then you will take both an intelligence test and a personality test. Finally, you will be asked to upload some documents, like your CV and an application letter. In between these steps you will watch some films that inform you about the company and the job you are applying for.

Drop by and get to know Arvato!

21 Oct 2016

A job in a customer service department, quite often you are not quite sure what to expect. That’s why we would like to give you the opportunity to experience for yourself how we run this business (how we do business). On Thursday 27th October you can visit our site in Venlo at 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00. We can show what working for arvato really means and share our experiences with you. Are you interested? Just let us know via


Next to that we are organising an Experience Day at our site in Maastricht om Saturday 5th November and Thursday 1oth November, in cooperation with Q-Park and Vodafone. Also during those days you will have plenty of possibilities to experience what it is like to work in a call center and to inform you about our unique cooperation in the Customer Service Valley? Do you live in or close to Maastricht and are you looking for a new job? In one go you can apply with for potential employers. You don’t want to miss out on the great opportunity? Go to and subscribe! Attention: available places are limited!

Arvato announces strategic expansion of footprint in the Netherlands

29 Oct 2015

The international business process outsourcing provider Arvato will further expand its activities in the Dutch market with a new Warehousing and Distribution site being built in the logistics hotspot of the Netherlands, Northern Limburg, Gennep.

The planned facility will serve clients from the Hightech and Consumer Goods industry. The chosen location offers prime infrastructure links that connects the Netherlands with Germany and the rest of Europe.

Short distances to inland barge terminal and rails are beneficial for multi model transportation solutions.

Andreas Barth, President Hightech & Entertainment at Arvato SCM Solutions states: “Many of our international clients are seeking for a centralized distribution warehouse in Europe where products can be customized just-in-time to fit local market requirements and customer needs. The Netherlands is an ideal geographical location with an excellent infrastructure and a very well educated workforce.”

The 30,000 square meters distribution center is designed as a multi-client site, supporting Multichannel as well as dedicated eCommerce distribution operations. It also supports high volume value-added-services such as product configuration, product localizations and software flashing. The security concept will be ‘TAPA A’ certified and a bonded warehouse license will maximize client’s flexibility with regards to customs setups.

The construction started in August this year and operations will commence in the first quarter of 2016. Further expansion of the facility by an additional 40,000 square meter is planned for the coming years.

“This is the third Dutch logistics site to be set up by Arvato SCM Solutions. Together with our clients we have been on a constant expansion path in the last years. With this strategic investment we further expand our global footprint, with the Netherlands as key strategic gateway to Europe”, concludes Martijn Nielen, Director Hightech & Entertainment Netherlands at Arvato SCM Solutions.

Arvato, Vodafone, Q-Park and municipality Maastricht start up Customer Service Valley

09 Mar 2015

Three Maastricht based companies and the municipality of Maastricht will  cooperate closely in the area of customer services. They will be supported by educational organisations Arcus, Leeuwenborgh and Hogeschool Zuyd. These seven parties have signed an agreement on 24 February in the city hall of Maastricht. The cooperation, named Customer Service Valley, focuses on the labour market, innovation and public relations and marketing. The goal is to encourage more organisations to join in the following years. 

Customer Service Valley
In Maastricht and the surrounding area a number of 20 companies are active, specialised in customer services. This represents a total of 5,000 jobs, expected to grow to 6,000 in 2020.
From the trade and industry as well as from local governments there is a wish to cooperate more in order to strengthen the sector and increase the clout. It’s all about introducing new ideas in the fields of education, image and quality. The municipality of Maastricht will invest 300,000.00 euro in the coming 3 years in attracting personnel and new companies to the sector. The three companies will contribute 15,000.00 euro each per year. 
Mr Aarts, alderman for Economy in Maastricht, is happy with the covenant: “This sector with its 5,000 jobs is already very important to the Maastricht economy. But improvements can be made. If the companies work together on a structural level in education and quality of services, it will lead to a stronger image and this will attract new companies. This region in particular, where many people speak multiple languages, is an excellent location for these companies. Limburg has a unique border location and is an interesting region for highly educated employees”. 

The cooperation is most importantly aimed at education: organising further training and retraining and also positioning the sector better in the field of education. The goal is to make sure that working in customer services is seen as a conscious career choice. Many people nowadays think that a job as a customer service employee is temporary work or a side job for students. Changing this perception can contribute to solving the current mismatch on the regional labour market. Currently there are many job seekers who do not find their way to the customer service centre.
Tom Custers of Arvato Bertelsmann: “Within Arvato, the education and development of employees are key values, embedded in our company philosophy. We are very enthusiastic about the Customer Service Valley and expect to make nice steps forward for our employees.”

Marc Croijmans, program manager Economics
T: 06-27850591

Harver, in partnership with Arvato Benelux, has been nominated for Call Center Week Excellence Awards USA

02 Jun 2014

Harver, in their partnership with Arvato Benelux, has been nominated for the American Call Center Week Excellence Awards, the prestigious call centre awards in the United States. The innovative mentality in the cooperation, which has for instance resulted in the development of the TalentPitch tool, was the decisive factor.

The Call Center Week Excellence Awards were launched to honour and acknowledge the most innovative solutions for contact centres in 12 categories. The 15th edition of this event will take place in Las Vegas on June 11th and 12th, 2014.

Finalists are chosen based on a superior and innovative way of thinking, creativity and execution. With data-driven Talent Management tools such as Talent Pitch, Harver and Arvato Benelux are competing in the category 'Best Technology Solution Provider’. After winning the NCCA HRM Award last April, TalentPitch now also receives international recognition.

The 'journey' of a contact center agent starts with the TalentPitch. Through a game, containing contact center scenarios and an intelligence- and competency test, candidates are tested on various skills and competences that a contact center agent should possess. The TalentPitch uses the outcome to select qualified and motivated candidates. 

Lisa Schulman, Executive Producer of IQPC’s Call Center Week about the finalists: "I am delighted to announce the finalists for the Excellence Awards and recognize the winners for their exceptional work in the industry. We received an outstanding roster of applications, and these finalists have shown that they have the ability and dedication to go above and beyond to exceed all expectations." 

For additional information about Harver please visit
For additional information about Arvato Benelux please visit 
For additional information about the Call Center Week Excellence Awards please visit

Arvato Benelux and Harver win the NCCA HRM Award

25 Apr 2014

Utrecht, April 2014 - Arvato Benelux wins the NCCA HRM Award, a prestigious prize for the best human resource management case in a contact centre: the TalentPitch. This innovative approach – developed together with Harver – to recruit and select candidates made the difference to win the award.

The TalentPitch is an online game. Candidates are put into different contact centre scenarios and have to perform several tasks. This allows to evaluate their skills and competencies. The TalentPitch helps Arvato to pre-select qualified and motivated candidates. This minimize the amount of interviews needed to find excellent contact centre employees. And the interviews held have a much higher quality value.

The NCCA jury’s motivation to select Arvato as the winner: "Arvato created a data-driven online recruitment and selection tool called ‘Talent Pitch’. It’s a serious game to let candidates experience how working as a contact centre agent would be at Arvato. The candidate’s abilities needed to perform well are tested. This helps to find a better match between employee and employer; the candidate knows what to expect from the job upfront and Arvato gets an extensive assessment and knows right away if the candidate is qualified to do the job for a longer period of time. The result is that the recruitment investments are significantly reduced – both for the employee and Arvato. Early attrition and related costs are lower and the percentage of successful hires is higher."  

The Talent Pitch is just the beginning. It is part of a bigger picture of a full-circle journey for a contact centre employee. Together with Randstad, Arvato’s partner for temporary employment, and Harver new innovative solutions are under development. Some of Harver’s latest tools are implemented within Arvato already. Arvato and its partners are ready to propel the contact centre industry to a next higher level. 

More information about Arvato Benelux:

More information about Harver:

Arvato Benelux B.V. opens branch in Maastricht

30 Jan 2014

On 1 February 2014 Arvato Benelux will open a new branch in Maastricht, The Netherlands. The new office will accommodate, among other projects, Zalando's customer services. Zalando is Europe's leading online shoe and fashion retailer.

To meet the increasing demand, Arvato Benelux opens a third branch in the Netherlands for the business unit Customer Services, as of February 2014. “Maastricht was chosen as the new location because of its international character,” says Tom Custers, manager Customer Services. The new branch enables Arvato Benelux to accommodate the growth and adapt successfully to the increasing internationalisation.

Zalando Customer Services
A part of the Arvato Benelux team responsible for Zalando's customer contacts will be the first to move to the Maastricht office. This international team currently works at three locations: Venlo (The Netherlands),  Metz (France) and Duisburg (Germany). The Venlo team, responsible for customer contacts in The Netherlands and Belgium, will move to Maastricht in February.

Because of the greater availability of Flemish speaking employees in the Maastricht area, the increase in Flemish customer contacts can be properly handled at this new location. Customer service representatives working in Venlo, will either move to the Maastricht office or remain in Venlo and join teams dedicated to other customers. Cooperation between Zalando and Arvato Benelux started early 2011 with customer services for The Netherlands and Belgium. As of 2013, Arvato Benelux is also responsible for customer services in Germany and France.