Corporate Staff

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Corporate Staff

Join the team

  • Strong team spirit


    “I always imagine that we have an HR shop.
    I determine the product lines for the shop and
    I look at the needs and requirements of the
    organisation as a whole.”


    > Learn more about Marleen

  • You are responsible for your future


    “It's our responsibility to make sure that
    all our users are able to do their work.
    When there are problems, we need to help
    them as quickly as possible.”


    > Learn more about Jorn

  • Get your own chances


    “I've been given opportunities to develop
    in the HR field and I've grabbed them with
    both hands, for example by showing
    initiative myself. Now I manage the same
    team on which I once got started!”


    > Learn more about Stella


In order to offer our worldwide customers innovative solutions quickly and flexibly our in-house team of experts in various disciplines - IT support, Human Resources, Finances, Facilities and Compliance-  supports our clients and our employees in getting things done by offering custom made advice and fitting solutions in order to ensure best in class services are being delivered to both internal and external clients.  

Have we peaked your curiosity? Can you think in solutions and do you like working together with other departments in a challenging work environment? Then we invite you to check out our current vacancies below.