Training Lead Supervisor

The Lead Trainer may interface with the program client to provide feedback on Learning Content structure and effectiveness. The Lead Trainer is also responsible for Core and In-Team Trainer development. The Lead Trainer maintains classroom space including application verification and are experts on the training environment, processes and tools as well as Learning Event Coordination and Logistics and Training Effectiveness analysis. Exceptions of cross-site support may be warranted based upon account cost model. Lead Trainer may be responsible to Train and Facilitate adult classroom training in support of client programs to ensure superior workforce preparation as required; specifically with front-line representative level employees (agents, advocates, representatives, support engineers) when focused on Training Delivery. During Agent Training Delivery, the Lead Trainer delivers content, conducts monitoring and develops Sales and Customer Service staff in the contact center. Must relay complex material in an easy to understand, structured form to a larger class of students.  Responsible for the delivery of training curriculum to various audience members within the contact center including agents, supervisors, managers or quality team members in the area of Sales, Service or Technical Support. Lead Trainers may periodically design/develop training curriculum to address identified training needs for agent group.


This position requires ability to travel and flexible work hours.  Responsible for day-to-day functional supervision of non-exempt work group and Core Trainers/In-Team Trainers including work assignment, performance and attendance oversight; administers Transaction Monitoring team coaching and development, Trainers and all associated performance management responsibilities, drives input into selecting, training, developing, and completing performance appraisal of work group(s) in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable legal requirements.


This position should ensure that training procedures are documented, audited and maintained. The scope of the role includes new program setup, implementation and performance management. Through the completion review of Training tools, processes and resources, the Training and Manager is also responsible for working with the Account Management, IT, HR, Operations and other functional teams to improve procedures.


General Duties (Includes but is not limited to the following):

·         Delivers new Hire and Continuing Education Training to all Sales, Service or Technical Support agents

·         Facilitates training utilizing a variety of delivery methods, including Instructor-led training, On-Line Facilitation and CBT – co-facilitation.

·         Attends all appropriate training meetings including internal/external account

·         Maintains awareness of training delivery calendar as well as coordination of Training Delivery Calendar.

·         Provides program specific training to support staff as needed.

·         Responsible for the delivery of both arvato and program specific soft skill, sales and/or technical training

·         Maintains and verifies that review exercises are relevant; measures retention of new and tenured agents

·         With the assistance of the Training Manager, creates assessments and procedures to measure success of conducted training

·         Administers and Analyzes Training Effectiveness Surveys (Level 1 Reaction and Behavior Surveys) and/or Level 2-3 Analysis.

·         Maintains a professionally structured class environment according to established policies and procedures

·         Consults with internal customers and develops custom courses to meet specific business needs

·         Successfully Completes all required training including program specific, organizational and trainer development content

·         Ensures that all issues and requests for service are processed correctly and in a timely manner

·         Provides feedback to management regarding process improvements and content gaps, provides feedback on changes required to method or procedures

·         Refers issues accurately when issues are outside of support boundaries or when resolution cannot be confirmed

·         Demonstrates a strong customer service orientation and takes task ownership

·         Creates a positive impression of arvato service and client, through words and actions

·         Able to answer incoming phone calls (and/or incoming e-mail) on the client’s customer support line, providing a high degree of professional assistance

·         Able to demonstrate calibration of interaction type

·         Conduct and/or participates in formal walk-through of training materials (Train-The-Trainer Sessions) and make revisions with course development, as necessary.

·         Monitor student progress throughout duration of training, providing coaching and developmental feedback.

·         Determine continuation of employment eligibility for students through performance feedback process.

·         Facilitate transition of students from training to work environment, ensuring competency levels are sufficient.

·         Participate in training design sessions with course development team.

·         Participate in client meetings for material and curriculum updates and to ensure appropriate changes are included in future classes.

·         Work closely with Instructional Designer or Training Manager to develop classroom delivery strategies including multi-media preparation.

·         Establish relationship with design team to learn design methodology and become familiar with learner and facilitator guide standards.

·         Utilize effective presentation skills including creative training techniques and adult/accelerated learning techniques.

·         Develop classroom agendas, timelines and content flow as necessary to deliver effective training to students.

·         Complete daily tracking, including end of day course evaluations and trainee assessments.

·         Research product information for each account assigned by attending team meetings and periodic calibration sessions, side by side observations and call monitoring for training department purposes.

·         Provide support for technical, sales and systems training as required.

·         Summarize course evaluations for management review.

·         Ability to travel and schedule flexibility

·         Maintain updated course materials and course masters.

·         Responsible for day-to-day functional supervision of non-exempt work group of agents and/or potentially exempt Trainer staff, including work assignment and attendance monitoring; providing input into selecting, training, developing, and completing performance appraisal of work group(s) in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable legal requirements.

·         Utilizes the most effective delivery of training including live in-person delivery, recorded training, live web-based training, videoconferencing, etc.

·         Interfaces with cross-functional work teams to develop course specifications and gather course content.

·         Identifies, develops and executes training-related quality improvement initiatives.

·         Establishes and follows effective control processes and compliance monitoring to ensure risks are: measured, monitored, controlled, and mitigated.  

·         Able to develop and design training course materials as needed.

·         Experience in developing and implementing enterprise-wide blending-learning strategies

·         Coordinates Training Plan and Learning Logistics and Scheduling as well as course completion and assessments

·         Expert client facing 

·         Provides Trainer Support and Development as warranted.


Performance Requirements:

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:


·         Excellent written and oral communication skills

·         Ability to gather and analyze data and make recommendations to manage growth and change

·         Experience in staff scheduling and management

·         Proven track record delivering Program New Hire and Continuing Education Training for hiring account.

·         Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, e-mail system

·         Qualitative and quantitative analytical skills

·         Ability to maintain professionalism at all times, make decisions and work without supervision

·         Subject Matter Expertise for specific program.

·         Ability to develop effective solutions to difficult problems or situations. 

·         Makes timely, practical, and cost-effective decisions, and facilitates others in doing so 

·         Effectively selects the best option from a limited number of possible actions or standard options

·         Structures basic information accurately and draws informed conclusions

Proven confidence in his/her ability to facilitate materials and client facing interactions.

·         Takes responsibility for his/her actions, and willing accepts constructive criticism

·         Strong mentoring skills, presentation and team building skills

·         English Proficiency & Comprehension (spoken and written)

·         Bi-lingual skills as required (for program)

·         Excellent communication skills: verbal, written, listening

·         Ability to gauge user ability and modify delivery skills accordingly

·         Pass course assessment/test within the client account training tool prior to delivery of the training to New Hire agents




·         Two or more years experience as a contact (call) center trainer (specific account training delivery experience is desirable)

·         University degree or equivalent work experience

·         Successfully completed form Train-The-Trainer Program or Certification, desired

·         Prior supervisory experience (of exempt or non-exempt)

·         Relevant experience with specific client program or client’s industry, preferred

·         Must meet any and all client specific minimum statement of work requirements


About Arvato

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