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The personal factor is excellent and makes fun to work at DM IT.

Project Management & Quality Assurance – Amol

Why did you come to DM IT?

I came to Germany for my Master in 2014 and did my master program in IT with an IT Management focus in Lemgo. At a career fair I talked with people from Bertelsmann and thus got to know about the company, among others the size and diversity of Bertelsmann. When looking for a job I searched at the Bertelsmann career website for job ads as IT analyst or project management. I saw a position at DM IT, applied for it and got the job. What convinced me was the truthfulness about what will await me when I accept the offer and the vision and mission of the company as an internal service provider for marketing businesses. In my opinion marketing is changing all the times, meaning I always have to adapt to new situations.

» My manager helped me a lot, by giving me proper and suitable challenges and guidance when I needed it. «

How was your start at DM IT?

I started to work for DM IT in November 2016. My first week was kind of a set up week, but right away in the second week I had to manage a small migration project. The project management itself wasn’t much difficult, rather my major challenge was doing it in German. As project management is more or less people management, if you manage the people properly, they manage the projects by themselves.

I was a fresher at job initially and definitely needed a pioneer or a guide. My manager helped me a lot, by giving me proper and suitable challenges and guidance when I needed it. I just go to him and ask him, he is always there for questions regardless at what seniority level the people are.

Now I am handling a PMO for a large project, before which I did the test management for the same project.

What do you love in your job?

The specialty is that I don’t usually handle just one project, but multiple projects at the same time, so I need to shuffle between my tasks to work for all the projects at the same time – this is what I just love! As DM IT is an internal service provider for the Digital Marketing business units there is a diversity in the projects - different scopes, different clients, and different tools. Besides there are always new initiatives from the Bertelsmann Corporate Center, e.g. future workplace, beConnect and new technologies like Cloud services, which come up and I can do the project management for such initiatives.

Another great thing is the organization itself and the people at DM IT. It is a very supportive environment where I can develop new skills and can use my skills into my everyday work, and also my manager always motivates me and that helps me keep going.

Another good thing at DM IT is the very good coordination between the various DM IT departments.